Battery Life Infographics

Battery Life Infographics

I’ve prepared a few battery related infographics. I called them Battery Life 101, because they present some basic information about how to protect your battery from draining and how to prolong its life.

Battery Status can help you with the things that are mentioned in the infographics. The app let’s you monitor your battery statistics, get notifications and automate some things that may result in better battery life.

First infographic tells about impact of temperature on your battery life. Batteries don’t like extreme temperatures, so it would be wise to avoid using smartphones when they are exposed to such conditions.


Battery Life 101


Next infographic is about charging cycles. Shortly speaking if you charge you battery more often and you don’t let it go too low and too high then it should be in good condition longer.


Battery Life 102


Last infographic gives you tips about most common battery killers. These are certainly not all of them, but I assume that problems with things like vibration, sleep timeout, brightness and auto sync are shared by majority of users.