Battery Status released for Windows 10 Mobile

Battery Status released for Windows 10 Mobile

It’s been a while since I did something with Windows Phone version of Battery Status. When Windows 10 was released for phones I and some of my users had problems with the app. It didn’t always work as it should. It even once happened that all WP8 apps stopped working for me on Windows 10 Mobile phone and I had to hard reset it to make them work again. I decided to rewrite WP8 version of Battery Status for Windows 10. It took me quite a few months, longer than I expected.


Mobile only

App is only for Windows 10 Mobile, it is not for full version of Windows 10 (so tablets, laptops). I don’t think it is that important on other devices, but if you think differently then let me know on Twitter (@amellsoftware) or Facebook (here).


Anything new?

App is almost the same as WP8 version (on the outside, because a lot of code was rewritten). It has slightly refreshed design, but there are no new features. Generally app should work more stable in the long term, but as it is first release there may be some bugs. If you notice something please let me know.

One thing that changed is tile/lock screen behaviour. Now they are refreshed more often: every 15 minutes (instead of 30 minutes) and when you plug-in or unplug device. With this, tile should be more user friendly than WP8 version. Also one thing that is not there are notifications on lock screen – text notifications under time. I couldn’t make them work. Lock screen background and lock screen badge notifications are still there. Badge is even better than before, because for 100% if shows 99+ instead of 99.

There is also an experimental feature to refresh tile on every percent change. However it seems it is not working correctly after uploading app to Windows Store. It was working fine when I was testing it as side-loaded app, but Store version just doesn’t work. It is probably some limitation not documented by Microsoft which it a shame, because I really liked that feature. Edit: I think I figured out why it was working so poorly. With new update it should work better. For what it means “better” and how it works go to the new post: How real time live tile in Battery Status 10 works?


You can download Battery Status 10 here:

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