Is making video for promoting app worth it?

24 April 2016

Nowadays it is difficult to survive on the market, so when we promote our apps we try very different things. Some work and others don’t. In this post I would like to share my views and experience […]


Do battery saver apps and battery calibration apps really work?

29 March 2016

There’s a lot of apps in Google Play that claim to save battery life or repair damaged battery. Do they really do what they advertise or are they just another scam?   Battery Savers Let’s […]


How can I improve battery life on my Android?

22 February 2016

Battery life is not great for a lot of Android users and we wish it was better. Often we can’t do anything about it, but there are situations that allow some optimization. Let’s see what can […]


Voice notifications and more in new Battery Status update

28 January 2016

I just released another update for Battery Status for Android. Here’s a quick summary of new features.   Custom sounds for notifications With all the notifications you probably never know what notification you just received […]


Battery Status update with cool new features

10 January 2016

Yesterday I released update for Battery Status on Google Play for some of the users. It will come out for everyone in the next few days. There are some new really nice features that I […]


Simple RelayCommand using T4 Template

16 December 2015

WPF is a great technology and it goes together well with MVVM pattern. You can code rapidly with them at hand, however there’s always something to improve. Commands are one of these things and now we’re going […]


New website for my mobile apps

24 November 2015

I launched a new website for my one person team. It focuses on mobile apps and games that I have created. I was developing mainly for Windows Phone so far. Recently I released my first app […]