Android Performance: Java vs Xamarin vs Xamarin.Forms Part 2

04 August 2016

Here’s the second part of the post from the last week. Just to remind you, I was comparing performance of Java, Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms. I was focusing on loading times and how good UI and […]


Android Performance: Java vs Xamarin vs Xamarin.Forms Part 1

28 July 2016

I created a short comparison of performance for Java and Xamarin. This test is only for Android, there is no comparison for iOS. I come from C# and Windows development and I’m more familiar with […]


Why is Google Play better than Windows Store?

17 June 2016

Last week I made a post about why Windows Store is better than Google Play. It was mainly about free marketing support for developers from Microsoft and third parties. This week I would like to take a […]


Unity3D vs CocosSharp – which one is better for your project?

02 June 2016

I would like to compare these 2 game engines, Unity3D and CocosSharp, because I had a chance to use them both lately. It won’t be a comprehensive guide, just the things I noticed. Obviously, Unity […]


Simple RelayCommand using T4 Template

16 December 2015

WPF is a great technology and it goes together well with MVVM pattern. You can code rapidly with them at hand, however there’s always something to improve. Commands are one of these things and now we’re going […]