Privacy Policy

App doesn’t collect any personal information. Internet connection is used only for ads, analytics and bug tracking.


On Android app is using Android Advertising ID. It is used not directly by the app, but by ads providers to show you more relevant and personalized ads.

If you don’t want to see personalized ads then you can disable Android Advertising Id in your system settings. Another solution is to uninstall the app.


Terms of use

Game is not offering real gambling. Only virtual currency (credits/coins) is used in game and no payouts are provided. User will not be provided with any real world money or other rewards. Game is intended only for entertainment purposes.

Additional coins can be obtained through winning, bonuses and purchases. but purchases are available only in selected countries.

Game offers 2 types of bonuses:

  • When user is outside of the game then he will receive extra coins when he comes back after some time
  • When user is playing the game then every few minutes he will be offered to watch a video in exchange for a bonus: additional coins, free spins or higher winnings. If no videos are available in the user’s region then bonuses are not available as well.

In other cases terms of the store from which game was downloaded apply.